Hair Pulling 

Throughout life, some degree of hair pulling is normal. Kids pull their own and each other’s. Teens twirl their hair between their fingers. Adults can find themselves literally pulling their hair out due to frustration or stress. None of these indicates a more serious disorder. Trichotillomania is what happens when the urge to pull hair becomes compulsive and the behavior cannot be voluntarily stopped. This may be indicative of eyebrows, lashes and hair on the head. Many people aren’t even aware when they’re actively pulling their hair.

Hair Loss Solutions aren't just for alopecia.

At Occhi Hair Institute, we understand the causes and results of Trichotillomania. We’ve been helping men, women, and children. If you or a loved one is struggling to stop pulling hair, we can be a resource for you. We’ll find natural-looking ways to fill in your hair if you have bald patches. We’ll take great care of your scalp, especially if pulling has caused pain or inflammation. And we’ll help you take steps to reduce stress and eliminate triggers that bring on the urge to pull hair. Since there is a psychological component to Trichotillomania, we can connect you with specialists who practice Cognitive Therapy or Commitment Therapy – types of counseling that can resolve the causes of this type of hair loss.

Beyond the Scalp

We understand that hair pulling isn’t confined to the scalp, and trichotillomania can rob women of eyebrows and lashes as well.  We have Eyebrow services that offer permanent solutions to brow loss. 

If hair pulling is starting to affect your life, call Occhi Hair Institute. We’re here to help.