With the precision of the TricoTest, a 2 hour consultative hair and scalp checking system, we can accurately measure and monitor hair bulk to detect thinning as soon as it starts.  Anybody can benefit from the TricoTest analysis because it pinpoints hair thinning and breakage – the most common damage for women – much earlier than other methods.  The earlier hair loss is detected the faster and more successful the Trichology plan can be. The TricoTest software creates an in-depth profile of your hair and scalp over time so that you can confidently make treatment decisions.  The TricoTest is the roadmap for your hair and scalp health.  

  • The Tricotest is a 2-hour consultation designed to discuss your concerns and the potential causes of your hair loss.

  • The Tricotest focuses on genetic history, health issues, medications, dietary habits, current and past hair habits, and emotional stressors that may be applicable to your current situation.

  •  Analysis is done with the use of microscopes and skin diagnostic tools to determine the health of your scalp as well as hair.

  • Pictures are taken to determine the focus of your hair loss and used later to show progress.

The Tricotest is conducted by Lynn La Palermo, a Trichologist certified in the study of Hair Loss and esthetician of over 35 years.  The consultation is totally private and one-on-one. It’s the first step towards fuller, thicker hair. We understand the complexity of hair conditions and want you to be as comfortable as possible.

At the completion of the Tricotest, you will have a clear understanding of your situation and what hair loss solutions are available to you. You will receive full documentation of the consultation with pictures, analysis, and recommendations.

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