Trichology is the scientific study and science of hair and scalp conditions.  The way we incorporate this study into the treatment of hair loss is what makes Occhi Hair Institute one of a kind.  We apply the same philosophy we take with Lash & Brow services. Our goal is to provide the absolute best options proven to assist in hair loss prevention and hair regrowth.

Hair salons focus on your color, style, and trend. At Occhi Hair Institute we are looking to find the solution to your problem by getting to the heart of the problem.  We measure and document the characteristics of your hair and scalp to identify causes and address them individually.  The outcome – A Trichological program that promotes hair and scalp health, prevents loss, offers overall health improvements, and puts you back in control while helping you feel confident and beautiful. 


Lynn La Palermo, a Trichologist that has meshed her 34 years of experience and educating in the skin care field with the understanding and practice of Trichology, adds to the Occhi family, CR LABS. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, located in Bologna, Italy, has over 50 years of experience in product and treatment development in the science of hair and scalp.  CR LABS has created top-performance solutions based on research and a scientific approach.  Together, Occhi’ and CESARE REGAZZI offer the best possible solutions for every women’s hair loss needs. 

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