Telogen Effluvium

My Head Hurts

Telogen Effluvium is also known as diffused hair loss.  There are several factors and may happen suddenly or be a chronic condition. It is caused by rapid hair loss as the new hair grows, which can be excessive, coming out in large clumps leading to the fear of baldness.

People with Telogen Effluvium often complain of pain, itchiness, stinging, redness and scaling on the scalp.  This is usually not the case if identified and treated and there is no other hair loss happening at the same time. 


Solutions for Telogen Effluvium

At Occhi Hair Institute, we are solution driven.  The first step is to look at external and internal factors such as dietary habits, hormonal issues, exposure to toxic substances, medications, illness, hair styles and chemical processing, allergies and stress. We then do everything we can to stop, slow down, or restore women’s hair loss.  With a multi-therapeutic approach, we will make a plan that works for you with optimum success as our goal!