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Permanent makeup

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Natural-Looking Permanent Makeup

Try the permanent makeup service at Occhi Lash & Brow. It is a method of depositing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. It is also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoo. The goal of permanent makeup is to give you the look of traditional makeup while lasting a lot longer. When done well, permanent makeup is undetectable, and easily seen as traditional makeup by others.

Permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips will last through all your daily activities. You’ll no longer have to worry about brow powder fading, eyeliner smudging, or lipstick smearing! Waking up with a fresh, put-together face every morning will leave you with precious time to do the things you love.


A Shadow or Ombre brow provides you with a soft backdrop to your natural brow. If you love the look of a full, powdered-in eyebrow, then a shadow brow is for you. An ombre brow is similar to a shadow brow, but with the color graduated from the front of the brow to the tail.

Our knowledgeable technicians customize each procedure to you. Your artist carefully measures and maps out your brows so the end result perfectly suits your face. They’ll work with you to choose a pigment color that works with your skin tone and hair color. Throw away your brow powder, pencils, and putties! You’ll wake up every morning with a beautifully framed face for the next 2-3 years.


Permanent eyeliner is exactly what it sounds like. Our permanent makeup artists will define your eyes by depositing pigment into the skin close to your lash line. Once again, our technicians customize this procedure for you. You and your artist will make a color decision based on your eye color, skin tone, and lifestyle. We have colors ranging from blue-greens to brown-blacks. You can also choose to have an eyelash enhancement, where pigment is deposited into the lash line giving the illusion of thicker lashes.

No matter what procedure you choose to make your morning routine simpler, our knowledgeable, experienced technicians will ensure you get the best result that last years. Having expertly applied permanent makeup will give you the confidence to put your best face forward every day.

Call us to schedule a FREE consultation today. A consultation is required for every procedure. Our technician will listen to your needs and desires, make procedure recommendations, review your medical history, and explain the care you should take before and after care your procedure.

Traditional eyeliner smudges and it’s hard to get on straight, especially when you can’t see that well up close. You can save time in the morning, and be confident that your makeup is in the right place with permanent eyeliner.

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