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Permanent Makeup Artist creating hair-like strokes using Microblading Needle and Pigment.

Natural Looking Fuller Eyebrows

Microblading is a permanent makeup procedure that can fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill in over-plucked eyebrows. The results are natural-looking, fuller eyebrows that last anywhere from 8-12 months. Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is manually deposited under the top layer of skin with a special pen instead of a machine. The Microblading Technique involves drawing individual crisp hair strokes that are more natural-looking than the traditional permanent makeup eyebrow.

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What’s the Microblading Process?

The Microblading service consists of two procedures. The initial procedure typically takes about 2 and a half hours. During this appointment, we will measure your brows, match the pigment color, numb the area, create hair-like strokes, and deposit the pigment.

For seven to ten days, your skin will be healing. It’s important to keep your hands away from the brow area and stay away from areas with dust or dirt in the air. You will need to follow aftercare instructions to ensure the best possible results. Aftercare instructions may include dry healing, washing the area with a gentle cleanser, and then applying an ointment, or wiping the area with a damp towel and then applying an ointment. Use only the products specified by your Permanent Makeup Artist.

After approximately 30 days, your brows will be fully healed. A second procedure is then performed to deposit additional pigment. This step aids in preventing premature fading and also enables us to make any necessary adjustments, such as going darker or refining the shape of your brows.

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If this seems like a lot, don’t worry! We offer free consultations so we can discuss your options. Our artists take into consideration your lifestyle, skin type, face shape, and medical history. If you’re still on the fence after your consultation, there’s no expectation to book an appointment. This is an investment! We want you to be 100% sure so you can be happy with your results.

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