In the last 5 years, Occhi Lash & Brow Studio has earned the reputation of assisting both men and women address their brow and lash issues by offering exceptional services by highly trained staff.  We’ve helped our clients deal with issues of lash and brow loss from illness to normal aging to makeup abuse.

Hair transforms lives. Hair loss affects millions of men and women. That fateful day when you start to notice your hair thinning or balding can cause feelings of depression, frustration, and insecurity. If you feel like you are losing your confidence because of hair thinning and you no longer recognize yourself – Our Trichology Program is for you.  Due to a breakthrough in hair restoration and regeneration procedures new to the market and exclusive to Occhi Lash & Brow Studio, you do not have to live with, resent, or deny your hair loss anymore.

At Occhi we understand what you could be feeling due to your hair loss.

We have spent the last 5 years helping women regain confidence and feel more beautiful with eyelash extensions and eyebrow permanent makeup. We have perfected the methods necessary to create beautiful lashes without damaging your existing lashes and create brows where there are none. We give women options to make their lives easier but more importantly, make them feel great about what they see in the mirror. We help women keep the focus off what they don’t have and on what they DO have.

The addition of the Trichology Division, Occhi Hair Institute, is designed to continue the process of helping women have more hair!  Surgical options like hair transplants have side effects that may be a turn off to some. With numerous hair regrowth options, it can be tough to determine what best suits your needs. Occhi’s hair loss treatment takes a multi-therapeutic approach with analysis first and foremost to determine the best course of action for you. Get started with a Trichotest at Occhi Hair Institute.