Corrective Work Lash Brow RX

Time and again, and seems to be happening more frequently lately, ladies arrive at Occhi’ Lash & Brow in dire need of Corrective work to restore their lashes due to damages caused by very poor application and/or poor overall care. Using years of training, experience and knowledge the staff at Occhi’ are able to remove faulty eyelash extensions and apply new ones properly. They also advise clients on proper lash care to insure healthy eyelashes.

This page is dedicated to examples of how the staff have corrected poor work and helped damaged lashes become healthy.

The client below came to Occhi’ after having her lashes decimated by an eyelash curler. She was put on our Lash Support Vitamin supplement and extensions were attached. After 2 months of care and extensions, her lashes are healthy and the extensions are holding very well.


Lash & Brow RX


This entity within Occhi’ is targeted for those individuals with physical limitations resulting from such conditions as allergies, chemotherapy, trichotillomania and/or other debilitating issues that may affect the eyes and eyelashes.


For women who may be highly allergic great care is given to ascertain the potential of an allergic reaction. A medical form is completed and reviewed by yourstylist. If there are questions, a patch test may be required/requested todetermine if a reaction may occur. Alternatives are available, such as sensitive adhesive or strip lashes.

Chemotherapy and Other Conditions

For women that have undergone chemotherapy or lost their lashes to some other condition, Occhi’ offers them the opportunity to wear beautiful, soft and luscious Mink strip lashes. These genuine mink strip lashes are reusable up to 25 times with gentle care. The Stylist at Occhi’ will be honored to apply these strip lashes at no charge. (Strip Lashes must be purchased from Occhi’)