What do eyelash extensions cost?

Having just returned from a Lash Association Conference, I will tell you that the pricing for eyelash extensions throughout the US is all over the place. 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a lash artist based strictly on price:

  • The quality of your service will be in direct proportion to the standards that the Lash Artist adheres to including sanitation and sterilization

  • Their experience and level of education

  • The quality of the products used i.e. Medical grade adhesive vs. China based cheap adhesive, heavy plastic lashes vs. lighter, quality synthetic or genuine mink lashes,

  • Not to mention the overall environment of your experience, for example – someone’s basement or back room of a nail salon vs. a relaxing, clean, well lit environment dedicated to creating the best possible experience.

Think of it this way – if you study to get your Bachelors Degree you should be worth XXXX dollars in the market place.  If you then get your Masters, you should be worth much more.  The very same applies in this case.  Also, you can buy a shirt from Forever 21 or you can purchase from Saks Fifth Ave–Again it boils down to the quality that you are seeking.

A quality experience with great results should cost from $175 – $400.00 with re-lashes ranging from $80 – $175.00, (this criteria is a guideline that represents various levels of stylists).  There are lower prices out there and usually represent novices or beginners – which I do not recommend.

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