Throw away the eyelash curler!!!!

For years and years one of the staples you could find in a women’s makeup drawer was a lash curler.  Something she diligently used everyday to give lift and dimension to her eyes.  The reality is – long time use of eyelash curlers will damage and often times pull out lashes prematurely.  Over time there may be very little left.

The photo below shows someone who has overused a lash curler for years.  Continued use of the lash curler will leave her with no lashes soon.

She opted for a Master Lash Artist, Lynn La Palermo owner of Occhi’ Lash & Brow Studio to put Eyelash Extensions on to actually “give her lashes a break”.

Lynn worked a miracle, as you can see to create lashes where there were NONE. Lynn and her staff use a technique that will actually help lashes grow as opposed to lash damage that you have seen and heard about from poorly applied heavy lashes and excessive glue.  This technique also helps to create the illusion of lashes were they are very sparse and almost non existent.

But the best is yet to come – look at the picture two months out – she has a significant improvement in her own lash growth while still in the mends.


Lynn put her on a vitamin supplement as well as a Lash Growth and Conditioning Serum and did a delicate set of eyelash extensions that will not damage or compromise her own lash growth.

You can see the results for yourself!

So when someone says that Eyelash Extensions damage the lashes – that is not true – it is all dependent on the skill and training of the lash artist and the willingness of the client to follow a protocol for healthy lashes!!!!

Occhi Lashes