Lash 911!

Lashes lashes lashes! Everyone’s talking about them, but many are not aware of how complex the procedure is. Women are going crazy over not having to wear mascara and waking up feeling refreshed each day! The lash application may seem very simple but when done correctly it takes months of practice and dedication to master.

As the lash industry continues to be saturated with new lash artists, the quality of the service being done has weakened. One of the main reasons for this is unqualified lash artists are offering lash training to make an extra buck, resulting in a spiral of bad work saturating the market. Many lash artists do not realize that they are damaging clients lashes because they are simply following the guidelines of the training courses they took.

The lash application is a combination of mixing proper lengths, thickness, and curl to create a seamless beautiful look. With hundreds of combinations to be created, there isn’t one carbon copy that can work for everyone. This means your artist must understand the health of your natural lash to apply a damage free set of extensions.

As a lash artist we would love to see everyone wearing our lashes, but we also know that this is not practical. An educated lash artist knows when to say no, and when to turn away a client for the sake of their own natural lash. We also know when to offer guidance and supplements to maintain the strength of a client’s lash. Not everyone can wear that “Hollywood Glam Lash” if the health of their natural lash does not permit. I’ll let you in on a little secret…. many performers or celebrities are actually wearing a set of lash strips on top of individual lash extensions so they can show up on camera. In a few years some of those celebrities might not have any natural lashes left due to damage, therefore they will only be able to wear lash strips.

So, let’s talk about what’s practical and realistic while wearing lashes. Over the years the number of clients whose natural lashes I have needed to “nurse back to health” has been alarming. From growth serums, to lash supplements, client’s lashes have continued to grow back in a healthy way, while wearing lash extensions. I want to show you an example of a client I recently did who naturally has strong lashes and from years of improper application her lashes have become damaged. Keep in mind using waterproof mascaras and eyelash curlers can create a similar effect on the lashes.

Lash 911.JPG

In these photos you can see areas in which there are gaps or missing lashes, this is NOT normal. When a natural lash sheds its usually because there is a baby lash pushing its way through and it is ready to shed. When there is a space in the lash line that means for some reason or another that lash was pulled out prematurely. Thankfully in this case the client has strong lashes naturally so with proper vitamins and growth serums her lashes should grow back within a few months. But that is not always the case.

In this application I used thin lightweight lashes to create fans that could cover these sparse areas. Diameters of primarily .03mm and some .05mm were used to create a lightweight feel as the client’s lashes grow back to a healthy state. Individually applied to one lash at a time, the natural lashes can grow and shed in their normal cycle. More often than not some lash artists rush the service and try to create a full look in a minimal amount of time, resulting in lashes sticking together with an excessive amount of adhesive.

The market has become so saturated in beauty services, so much that as consumers it has become our job to be educated in the services we are getting. Although it may be tempting to jump at a great “deal”, there is a reason that the service is being provided at such a low rate. Do your homework and gain education from experts in the industry. Truth be told it ends up costing you more with removals, supplements, and application when you wait to go to an experienced lash artist after years of bad work. Lashes take time, practice, and patience. A luxurious service that should feel relaxing and look just as beautiful. Remember consultations should be complimentary, therefore take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions.

Be aware, be educated, and most importantly love your lashes! ♥

Katherine Wilkinson

Senior Lash Artist/Senior Lash and Brow Instructor



Katie is the Senior lash artist at Occhi’ Lash & Brow- Brought on as the first employee almost 4 years ago. She acts as a Senior Lash and Brow artist and Senior lash instructor at Occhi’

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