Eyebrow extensions – What are they? Who should wear them?

These days everyone is paying more attention to their eyebrows because they make such a difference in one’s overall look. They are the frame for your eyes, the better the brows look the more alluring your eyes appear!!!

Eyebrow Extensions are the latest and greatest for women that don’t have Brooke Shield Eyebrows. They are tiny little hairs of different lengths and potentially many different colors that can be attached to your own hair or directly to the skin to fill in gaps, hollow spots or to create an entire eyebrow. They can take a thin eyebrow and make it fuller. They can create a brow where there is none. Or they can simply add an end to a disappearing eyebrow tail.

The procedure can be as quick as 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour. They can be maintained on a two week basis to insure the look while the use of a topical Growth and Conditioning Serum will aid in the growth of new hair.

Any women that wishes to have fuller, more defined eyebrows is a good candidate. For further information on brow extensions, please contact us at (630) 785-6668 or info@OcchiLashes.com

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