The beauty industry is constantly growing and changing. From walks down the runway, to funky hairstyles, and outrageous makeup techniques, professionals are expressing their artistic ideas. Over the years, I have noticed that lash and brow artists have limited themselves on the knowledge they share with each other.

The specialization in lash and brow services has grown over the years, and as artists we try to set ourselves apart from one another. Somehow setting ourselves apart has created a disconnect in our growth. The lash industry is a small industry and when we get a few bad apples, it can be crucial to our reputation. Rather than trying to bash one another, we should come together and teach each other to be better. This means sharing ideas, product recommendations, and techniques.

By educating one another on how to properly adhere a lash, we build up our credibility as not only an educator, but as an industry as a whole. Education is useless, unless it is shared with one another. Now I’m not saying offer classes for free, but when you do train other artists don’t hold back. Share the techniques that you have found work best, share the reputable vendors you have worked with, don’t be intimidated by competition.

By raising others up, we allow ourselves to grow and we create a standard in the industry. More often than not, lash and brow artists do not get the credibility they deserve for good work. So let’s come together and raise the standards in the industry by empowering each other

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