Combating brow loss due to side effects of chemotherapy

The loss of brow hair is unfortunately a regular occurrence for many cancer fighter and thrivers. Hair loss, in general, is the toughest side effect of chemotherapy for many. Most will regain hair growth following treatment, but it may take some time…and patience.

Some people mourn the loss, and others take it in stride with faith that this is a new beginning. Like leaves shedding in the Fall, the old person falls away as the new person feels the power of their strength and spirit to fight and stand up to cancer.

During this time, it can be difficult to look in the mirror at the “new you”, but you can easily get the look of natural brows that can help boost your spirit and keep you moving forward to your goal of being cancer-free.

There is a solution other than pencil or powder – Brow Extensions. Tiny little hairs that can be attached to the skin to create a beautifully shaped brow can make such a difference in how you look and feel. As the brow grows in, it is possible that existing brow hair will attach to the extensions. Through the regrowth process, we can help rebuild the beauty that was there, and still is.

“Brow Extensions help in so many ways,” says Lynn La Palermo, owner of Occhi Lash & Brow Studio in Oak Brook Terrace, IL. “Someone who has undergone the challenges of cancer, and watched the side effects take a toll on their appearance, is used to looking in the mirror and seeing what they no longer have. Brow Extensions restores your appearance and allows you to see what you DO have— maybe even better than before!!!

Waking up everyday and seeing the formation of brows on your face helps rebuild confidence, self-esteem and hope that you can, and will, once again look like yourself!”

Brow Extensions are also great for anyone that has experienced the loss of brow hair do to over plucking, thyroid conditions, hormonal issues, scars or just thinning due to age. Gaps can be filled in and a fuller brow can be created if desired. A Growth & Conditioning Serum, a product that is available at Occhi’ Lash & Brow Studio is designed to help restore the growth of both brows and lashes. The ingredients include keratin and caffeine to help enhance and stimulate healthy hair growth. With regular use, brows and lashes will appear more conditioned, smoother and glossier. The Serum is available for $50.00.

Brow Extensions take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the amount of work necessary and range in price from $45.00 – $150.00. They last up to 14 days.

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