Beware of inexpensive Lashes


It seems there has been a huge influx of lash “chains” popping up everywhere that seem to be causing confusion, not only in the lash community, but also with the uninformed consumer.

Let me first start off by saying, I am a firm believer in honest competition within an industry.  It benefits the consumer because it forces businesses to stay abreast of new techniques, technology, education and products.  But when an industry is flooded with “bad” competition, it affects the reputable providers and it becomes necessary to take a stance on QUALITY.

Here’s what the consumer needs to be aware of before trusting their eyes to one of these lash chains or untrained independents:

  • Staff is trained for about two weeks before they are put on the floor.

  • They use premade fans for all of their lashes which have a glued block base that can only lie onto the natural lash not surround the lash. (This means nothing to a lay person but everything to a lash artist in reference to quality). The last statement is extremely important to note as the average person experiencing eyelash extensions for the first time do not know what to expect.

  • They use surgical tape not eye pads (May not seem important to the consumer) – less expensive for them but if quality eye pads are used, the client is guaranteed a comfortable experience. The edge of surgical tape is sharp, and if placed too close to the eye, can cause a corneal abrasion.

  • They make you clean your own lashes – really? That should be part of the service.  That is like getting a haircut and the Stylist makes you wash your own hair!

  • You usually experience different technicians all the time, not establishing a relationship with a Lash Artist that understands your lash needs.

  • When looking at the client straight on the lashes may look fine and actually pretty, however, if you lay the client down and look down at their lashes, you will find large blocks of adhesive clumps that not only look bad but are critically damaging to the clients’ own lashes.

  • Those pre-made fans will start popping off in about 4-5 days, that is one of the reasons why they want to sell you a membership because you will most likely need to be in there every week or every other week.

  • When you do go in for a relash, they layer right on top of what has already been done with generally longer lashes. This leads to thicker heavier fans weighing down on your real lashes.

  • Clients begin to experience a discomfort from the “blocks of glued fans” because they are oversized and awkward to the natural lash and eye movement. They may experience a tugging sensation or pulling from that premade fan attached to more than one single eye lash. The outcome is discomfort, lash loss, eye irritation and a waste of time and money.

Why we're different:

Occhi' Lash & Brow Studio is a consumer driven studio designed for the woman who appreciates quality experiences for her Lash & Brow needs and also enjoys a relaxing, luxurious, comfortable environment.

All of the Lash & Brow Artists are highly trained and have spent over 200 hours in practicum before working on the service floor.

Occhi' also has a training institute where we train beauty professionals in lash & brow services.  We decided to open a training institute with the idea of helping to raise the standards in the Lash Community thus the consumer receives a great service from well trained, ethical Lash Artists that are committed to quality workmanship.  We recommend that anyone that has taken any of our classes spend at least 2 months practicing on models daily before ever thinking they are qualified to charge for their services.

As a consumer interested in lash services ask these questions:

Do they have pictures of THEIR ACTUAL WORK – not stock photos?

How do they sanitize and sterilize their equipment?

Do they guarantee their work and for how long?

How long has the technician been doing lashes?

What kind of special care do they give to weak lashes?

Pictures don’t lie!

See below the picture of a local LASH Franchise's work side by side with Occhi' Lash & Brow's work.

Beware of inexpensive lashes.jpg

Initial looks may be deceiving. Look beyond what is obvious.

Another piece of advice

If you do have lashes done in one of these lash facilities, have a friend take a picture of your lashes from behind you as you lay down on a bed.  That will show you the quality of the work that you are getting.  A picture is truly worth a1000 words.

If you have had work done by one of these establishments and would like to experience great work, give us a call, we will remove their work FREE of charge and give you what you deserve – A spectacular set of beautiful lashes that will compliment, not compromise, your natural lashes!

Occhi Lashes